Expo Chromatic: Celebrating the Montreal Contemporary Art Scene

Soaring through its 8th edition this year, Chromatic took place at Arsenal and Studio l’Éloi while, once again, offering a multidisciplinary program filled with art and music by local and international artists. The focus of this weeklong festival (May 24 to June 1) is to expose the local art scene while showcasing artistic networks between… Continue reading Expo Chromatic: Celebrating the Montreal Contemporary Art Scene


Quentin Garel at Galerie Got

Walking down the opulent St. Paul Street, between rows of private galleries, filled with vibrant colored canvases and Jeff Koon-like sculptures placed by the vitrines, Got Gallery stands out as it presents a humbler, more down-to-earth approach. Upon entering the gallery, carefully carved sculptures and expressive charcoal drawings of the faces and busts of animals… Continue reading Quentin Garel at Galerie Got


How do the Internet and technology influence the arts, and how do artists respond to the digital age through the materiality of the art object? What materialistic strategies do they utilize to depict the digital realm in their works? In Projet Pangée’s group exhibition Futuristic Future the artworks by Lauren Pelc-McArthur, Amy Brener and Cat Bluemke seek… Continue reading FUTURISTIC FUTURE AT PROJET PANGÉE

Interactivity and Curatorial Creativity in Arsenal’s Latest Exhibition

Refreshing, dynamic, inventive – these adjectives should be used to appropriately describe Arsenal Montreal’s latest exhibition on multidisciplinary Canadian artist, Marc Séguin (b. 1970), called Marc Séguin: Atemporalités. The curatorial approach and display to his artistic practice reconsiders the ways in which a solo exhibition ought to be produced. A visual artist, as well as… Continue reading Interactivity and Curatorial Creativity in Arsenal’s Latest Exhibition

Leila Alaoui: “No Pasara”: Photographing the Youth Across Morocco

A young Moroccan boy sporting a blue short-sleeve shirt with “France” stitched across the back, sits on bleached rocks by the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. He stares into the horizon – a landscape of hazy mountains, most likely Gibraltar. The tide is calm as delicate ripples dance across the seascape. Anonymous to the viewer,… Continue reading Leila Alaoui: “No Pasara”: Photographing the Youth Across Morocco

Long Way Gone: Ways of Representing One(self)

How can artists implement them(selves) and their identities within their artworks? What artistic strategies and materials do they use? Is being the subject of the work enough or are there other ways of presenting one’s self. These questions are considered at Galerie Trois Points’s ambitiously curated solo exhibition of Canadian/Serbian artist, Milutin Gubash (b.1969), Long… Continue reading Long Way Gone: Ways of Representing One(self)

Miss Teri: Juxtaposing Rococo, Graffiti and Montreal’s Urban Landscape

An eighteenth-century aristocratic woman wearing a pastel yellow dress, specifically a mantua, reclines on a bed of dark and seemingly polluted clouds with hovering pigeons. She would appear to be gazing at the viewer, however, her face is pixelated, obstructing her identity. A cherub floats on her lower right-hand side, spray-painting the skirt of her… Continue reading Miss Teri: Juxtaposing Rococo, Graffiti and Montreal’s Urban Landscape