Leila Alaoui: “No Pasara”: Photographing the Youth Across Morocco

A young Moroccan boy sporting a blue short-sleeve shirt with “France” stitched across the back, sits on bleached rocks by the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. He stares into the horizon – a landscape of hazy mountains, most likely Gibraltar. The tide is calm as delicate ripples dance across the seascape. Anonymous to the viewer,… Continue reading Leila Alaoui: “No Pasara”: Photographing the Youth Across Morocco


Long Way Gone: Ways of Representing One(self)

How can artists implement them(selves) and their identities within their artworks? What artistic strategies and materials do they use? Is being the subject of the work enough or are there other ways of presenting one’s self. These questions are considered at Galerie Trois Points’s ambitiously curated solo exhibition of Canadian/Serbian artist, Milutin Gubash (b.1969), Long… Continue reading Long Way Gone: Ways of Representing One(self)